Beach Wedding 101

What are the essential ingredients to having a one-on-a-kind beach wedding?

Planning a wedding is tough business, no one would argue with that. A couple has to consider the venue, theme, transportation, photographer, invitations, flowers, officiant, dress etc. Now, move the event to a beach and the couple must add Mother Nature to the list and things just got a little more interesting. Planning a beach wedding is all about preparation and planning. What I’ve learned over the years of performing many beach weddings is that the there are three main things that will help a beach wedding go off without a hitch:

  1. Plan for the rain, hope for the sun.  You cannot control the weather, so you should not waste any of your precious planning time worrying about it.  Many brides spend 100% of their time planning for the beach wedding; on the beach in the sun shine, with sun shining brightly.  My recommendation is to plan for 50% beach wedding, and 50% indoor wedding.  Give both options equal thought and attention, you are then prepared in the event that there is a need to have an indoor wedding and disappointment is minimal.  You can have some extra fun ideas for the indoor.  I’ve seen brides have a lot of fun with this, from fun umbrellas to personalized hand towels can be used for either sand or rain.  Lastly, choose your wedding locale wisely, most offer a back-up plan for rain.  If you are a DIY bride, then just ensure you include a tent for guests and a gazebo, or trellis for you and the officiant.
  2. Beach wedding personalized. When putting the finishing touches on your wedding be sure to add a little something that let’s everyone know this is your wedding.  Whether it’s a fun favor, or a slideshow, or personalized candy buffet of your favorite treats, be sure that the wedding is a reflection of you and your fiance!
  3. Have fun.  If you’ve chosen to have a beach wedding, chances are you and fiance are a fun loving couple.  Remember to enjoy yourself.  This is a very special day in your life and what’s done is done.  No more stress, no more planning this is the day that you’ve send over a year planning for.  Enjoy your beach wedding and smile!

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